Yaesu VX-8DR Full Kit

Yaesu VX-8DR Full Kit

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This is everything and more that you'd need to have a pretty awesome mini Ham radio setup. I picked this up because the rest of the guys I worked with (as well as spent lots of time running around the desert and forest) were all getting setup for better field comms. We'd bought these on the recommendation of a friend who does very interesting things in far away places, and needs to use commercial off-the-shelf gear. This is what he and his guys use. So, good enough for us. Actually way too good for us. None of us ever really used these things for much more than your typical short range walkie-talkie type thing. Basically we had really durable, high end, super comprehensive Talkabout type FRS radios that used a tons of different bands and frequencies that we had very little understanding about.

Basically, cool guys we know said "this is the really cool radio", and that was enough for us.

So, this thing went out into the woods with me a handful of times, but more often than anything else, this was seen in cool photos with other cool gear. Which is kind of a bummer when you realize how much you can actually do with these.

This entire system is basically brand new, shows no wear or tear or abuse.

I'm including everything in the photo, which purchased separately is nearly $900:

  • Yaesu VX-8DR Quad-Band Submersible VHF/UHF Amateur Radio Transceiver
  • Yaesu External Remote Mic/Speaker
  • Yaesu GPS Unit that installs on External Mic/Speaker (shown installed on the radio mic)
  • (1x) Yaesu Standard size Battery
  • (1x) Yaesu Extended size Battery
  • (1x) YaesuAA Battery Adapter
  • Yaesu Wall Charger
  • Yaesu Car Charger
  • Yaesu Bare Stripped Wire Charger (for splicing into other power source)
  • Yaesu Factory Quad Band Antenna with Addition Segment
  • Short Stubby Antenna
  • Diamond Oversized Antenna (and storage tube to keep it from being damaged)
  • Custom 2-Meter J-Pole Throw-over (Jungle) Antenna
  • Nifty Manual and quick reference card
  • Ham Radio License Manual
  • ARRL Repeater Directory 2016/2017