US PALM Throw Over Holster - Ranger Green

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This is a pretty cool product. I’m keeping one of these. If you haven’t seen it yet, go read about it on the website. Oh. Shit. Nevermind. I just turned that off last week. Hang on, I’ll dig up some info. It's basically a field use cross draw holster. It fits just about any auto out there (Sorry revolver shooters, the shape really doesn't work with wheelguns). It fits with or without weaponlights or supressors, though it does require some configuration to do it. I don't believe it will work with RMR equipped guns, I think it's probably going to be a little off without doing some trimming and melting. But that's all on you. Anyways, I've got the instruction manual PDF I put together explaining how to assemble and size this to fit your pistol. If you need the manual, email me and I'll send it to you.