US PALM Defenders / Various

US PALM Defenders / Various

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I have a few leftover Defender items that were just sitting on a shelf. I'm selling each piece a la cart in case there's only something specific you're looking for.

They are:

1x Size Large Black Pistol Defender Carrier (No Armor Included, carrier only)

1x Size Large Coyote .308/7.62 Defender Carrier (Discontinued years ago) (No Armor Included, carrier only)

1x Size Extra Large Coyote MOLLE Defender Carrier (without shoulder pads) (No Armor Included, carrier only)

2x Size Large IIIA Soft Armor Panels (Manufactured for US PALM by former supplier Tyr Tactical, Production date 4/11, never worn for more than photos, still in excellent shape) (each sold separately)