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So I’ve got a couple of the US PALM EDCCB (Every Day Carry Concealment Belt) left over. These are brand new, never been worn, just used in promo photos. One is a 1.5” wide Black size L, one is a 1.5” wide Black Size XL, and one is a 1.75” wide Black Size XL.

These are built by the wilderness, and they are killer, I’ve been wearing Wilderness belts for decades, and one of these has been my main belt since we launched the product. We partnered with them, and put together a belt that’s a specific config of their existing Frequent Flyer/Instructor/Money belt with a slight modification. It’s a Wilderness Frequent Flyer Buckle, on a belt that’s got the CSM stiffener band built inside (stiffest belt format they sell) with the Money Belt compartment on the inside. That’s where we modified it. We had the zipper cars (the sliders) trimmed of their hook and pull cord, and reversed for an even lower profile. Then we added an internal “flap” that keeps the zipper car from getting caught on or chewing up any of the internal contents. See the photos. And no, it doesn’t come with the money pictured, get your own cash ya weirdo.

One of these belts is a size L and two are size XL. These are sized as “Easy-Fit” belts. I buy 36 waisted shorts and pants, in every brand I’ve tried. I wear the belt Size L. From the Wilderness sizing info, that means this belt has a size range of 36”-41”. With any of my the pants and shorts I wear, and an IWB holster, I’m right at the size limit for L. I have worn these belts without an IWB holster, or with an OWB holster and this size works just fine on me for that. The Size XL belt is measured as 40”-45”, which means I could probably wear this one as well, but I’d be on the smaller end of fitting, and if I took my IWB off, it’d likely be loose.

So, if you think these might fit you, go to the Wilderness Belt Sizing info page ( read the directions, really really actually read them, and if either of these will fit you, awesome. If not, sorry man.