US PALM AK30 Magazines

US PALM AK30 Magazines

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If Google brought you to this listing, these used mags are gone. But don't fret, I have a bunch of brand new AK30 Magazines available! Either add them to cart from this page, or find them at the following link. Either way I'll be sending you new AK30's.

 Yea, I'm sure you're shocked I've got US PALM Magazines for sale. I'm still sorting through gear, I've got other AK30 mags in other colors, but I'm not sure what's staying, what's going, and what's already spoken for. But here are 9 used, but good condition, AK30 Magazines.  These are a previous generation, so the floorplates don't have the locking tabs utilized during assembly, though all of these were checked and did not need replacing. They do have the metal locking tabs at the front and the rear.

International: Don't even bother, I wont export this. ITAR isn't a suggestion.

Note: These are sold individually, the price of the listing is for one. You can add additional magazines once you put one in your shopping cart!