US PALM AK30 Magazine Collection

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Here are 5 US PALM AK30 Magazines, I'm pretty sure all are in brand new, unused, unfired condition. While I've got lots of various AK30's around, most show some genuine wear, and I kept these fresh looking for photos.

These are:

  • 1 Black AK30, 30rd Magazine
  • 1 FDE AK30, 30rd Magazine
  • 1 Brown AK30, 30rd Magazine
  • 1 Bakelite Red AK30, 30rd Magazine
  • 1 Black AK30 Multi-Purpose Magazine (these were manufactured with the top waffle ridges deleted for use in AK-types that have a deeper magazine well)

At the moment, these are not terribly available, but as it's a great product, I believe these will be back in production at some point in the future. Anyways, I'm selling the set of all 5, bundled together, for $100. 

Obviously these are not for export. If you're international and you order these, I'm going to cancel your order, and then probably send you a shamefully insulting email. Don't be that guy.