US PALM AK30 / AK Battle Grip Kit - Brown

US PALM AK30 / AK Battle Grip Kit - Brown

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Here's something that's going to be hard to find in the future. Hell, it's been hard to find now for about a year. Brown US PALM Ak stuff. Here are 4 30rd AK30 Mags, all in very good condition, (one has my initials Sharpie'd into a waffle cell) and one brown AK Battle Grip with the rubber storage plug (Yes Ray, we hear you, the grip has a butt plug, we got it.) which hasn't been available for some time.

All 5 pieces have been used, but not abused. And they're just looking for a home on a gun, probably with a nicely stained wood stock and fore end. The brown gear always looked really good on a traditional wood AK. 

Also, I generally don't go in for market abusing super gouger prices, but this stuff's about as rare as anything right now, and my land lord doesn't really give a shit where I get my money.

(AK pictured not included, this is just for four magazines and the grip)