US PALM 34" Rifle Case - ATACS AU

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Very cool rifle bag made by US PALM. With a length of 34" it will fit ARs and AKs of that size or smaller. If you haven't measured an AR in a while, I fit a 16"+ midlength (not pinned/welded, 16" plus muzzle device) with a collapsible stock in the shortest position without any trouble. The bag was designed with a couple features not immediately obvious. By opening the zipper all the way around, it allows it to lay completely flat. And by being reinforced with an internal polymer panel (thin flexible plastic known as vane) it keeps sharp debris on the ground, rocks, other stuff from poking through. These things make it a great compact shooting mat.

Comes with a shoulder strap and two velcro keepers to control the rifle inside. MOLLE panels on the inside allow for accessory pouches to be hard mounted, and a velcro panel on the outside for name tapes or patches. I'm including one tan US PALM patch. 

(FYI: I'm asking $100 for this because shipping is going to be kind of a pain in the ass, and is going to take far more than the $6 the website charges. If I could control the shipping better, this would be about $75-80.)