SureFire X400 Light-Laser / RCS Phantom Glock 34/X400 Holster

SureFire X400 Light-Laser / RCS Phantom Glock 34/X400 Holster

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So, I have a bad habit of buying Glock 34's. I've owned three of them now. This last one, I've had a couple years, and I haven't shot a single round through it. So, if you're in the market for a NIB Gen3 Glock 34 with Trij Nightsights, contact me, I'll make you a good deal.

But in the mean time, you might already have a Glock 34, and want to strap some cool shit to it. So here's a SureFire X400 Light/Laser combo unit, and a Raven Concealment Phantom Holster that fits Glock 34's with SureFire X400's attached. 

The SureFire X400 is the pre-'ULTRA' generation, so it's right around 200 Lumens if I remember right, which due to the TIR beam style, is still a useful amount of light. Obviously it's got a laser below it as well, Red beam in case you were wondering. I don't remember if they ever made this generation in Green. 

As the holster only fits Glock 34's with X400's this is kind of a narrow marketspace kinda item, and I'm pricing it as such.