S&W/PSA 16” Midlength AR15 with Vortex SparcAR sight and SureFire light (BNIB)

S&W/PSA 16” Midlength AR15 with Vortex SparcAR sight and SureFire light (BNIB)

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So this rifle started a few years ago as a spare stripped S&W M&P AR lower I had sitting around, so I stuffed a parts kit in it and mounted a stock, now it’s a complete lower. After putting it in the back of the safe and forgetting about it, I realized it was back there. A friend asked me to put together a quality but budget rifle for him, and I found a great deal on a solid PSA upper that included EVERYTHING needed to make that lower into a full rifle, including the Vortex red dot sight. So I put the two together, added a 320 lumen SureFire G2X on an IWC mount. This is probably the most useful AR I’ve ever seen for the money. Anyways, circumstances changed, and that friend had to pass on getting this. So now it’s opened up to whomever wants it.

Note: While PSA isn’t the low end garbage brand that lots of people accuse them of being. While It’s hard to top something like Knights Armament, Noveske, etc, these guys have stepped up their game. This is a Freedom series barrel, fully melonite finished, everything looks and feels top notch. Pretty surprising quality for the price.

Anyways, this entire thing, the rifle (including one MagPul PMag, the red dot sight, and the SureFire light and mount) are being listed for $725. Told you it’s a good deal.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s what:
S&W M&P Lower
CMMG Lower Parts Kit
MagPul CTS Stock
MagPul MOE Grip
MagPul MBUS rear sight
MagPul Mag (used)
Vortex SparcAR compact red dot sight
Palmetto State Armory Freedom Midlength 16” Upper
SureFire G2X Tactical on IWC cantilever Mount