Greg's Old Gear

Just a guy who's bought too many toys, trying make things simpler.

My name's Greg, and I like stuff. I've spent years working in fields that expose me to some pretty cool gadgets, toys, and gear. Far too often, these newly discovered items get added to the collection. Sometimes to get used once or twice and go in the junk drawer. Well it's time to sort that drawer down to a rational size. Take a look, and see if some of my old gear can be more useful to you than it is to me. Thanks for stopping by.

Greg's Current Gear

I've received a few messages asking about my gear that's not for sale, and one question that comes up is “You’re getting rid of a lot, what are you actually keeping?” So, sticking with the theme of the website, I guess you could consider the following items as Greg’s Current Gear (even though I’m sort of ashamed to refer to myself in the third person).

In the process of collecting so much of the stuff you’ve seen sold on this website, I’ve definitely zeroed in on gear that really does work for me. On any given day you’ll probably find the following items on me or with me: Backpack or bag, handgun, pocket knife, flashlight, smartphone, watch, belt, keys, sunglasses, wallet, and a few other things.

Bags and Packs

Depending on what I’m doing, I have a variety of bags I regularly use. If I’m heading off to do any form of big photography, I’ve got a Lowepro ProRunner BP 450 with a couple cameras, several lenses, and everything else.

As an IT nomad, I’ve always got a laptop with me, these days a 13” MacBook Pro, and it’s usually paired with a 13” iPad Pro that makes for an incredibly dual monitor setup. These two, and all support gear, cables, mice, drives, etc, all fit into a Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel. I have a few of these bags, as they’ve proven invaluable to me, and it’s handy to have more than one for various uses.

If the Indy Bag isn’t big enough, but I’m still doing tech related stuff, I grab one of my US PALM Gryphon EDC packs. I’ve got a Ranger Green V.2 as well as a Black V.3, and these are the best general purpose EDC Backpacks I’ve ever used. Also, there’s a bit of comfort that comes from having a IIIA-Rated Soft Armor Panel inside the Gryphon.


I spent probably a decade and a half carrying a Glock 19, and while I still have a few, and I carry them from time to time, these days, I carry a Glock 43 most often. It’s nearly stock, it’s got Trijicon night sights, and a Taran +1 baseplate. While I’ve got a couple holsters for it, most of the time I carry it in an Armordillo Concealment IWB-C Kydex Holster. Really hard to beat this tiny little gun. I still carry a Glock 19 every now and then, most often inside another Armordillo Concealment holster, this one made to fit the pistol with a SureFire XC-1 weaponlight. Not bad to have a light-equipped pistol you can comfortably carry and conceal inside your waistband.


For more than three decades I’ve been playing with knives. After clearing out a wide selection, the ones I carry most often seem to be PDW or Emersons. With little rhyme or reason why, I tend to choose either a Prometheus Design Werx Invictus MIL/LE Auto, or an Emerson A100, or from a few PDW/Emerson collaboration SPECWAR models. All are roughly the same size, and carry very easily. I’ve had hundreds of knives, and those listed above remain some of the finest I’ve ever carried.


After exhaustive research, you can generally find a SureFire EB-1 Backup or Aviator in my pocket. I find the size and format, the output and runtime, and overall durability to make one of these lights invaluable to have, day or night. The most recent Aviator is now a compact light that will run both high and low settings on either white or an alternate color, mine’s red. This has really been a handy light when I’m out doing any late night remote astrophotography or night work. I switch the light over to red mode, and for the rest of the session, I can do anything I need to and I wont burn my night-adjusted eyes.


I moved over to the Apple ecosystem a few years back and have been pretty happy with it across the board. Mac desktops and laptops, iPads and iPhones, and now Apple Watch. At the moment I have both an iPhone 7 Plus, and a tiny little iPhone SE for both the numbers I use. The little phone doesn’t get used all the time, so it’s usually in my bag. The big iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most useful pieces of technology I’ve ever owned, and I’m blown away by how good the cameras are. I've got a Nomad Leather case on the 7 Plus, and a Magpul Field Case on the SE.


I’ve loved all sorts of watches over the years, and lately, I have a love/hate relationship with my current watch. My Apple Watch. I love everything about this watch, except that the additional functionality is so convenient, that it’s all but eliminated the chance for me to wear any of my other watches. As such, I’ve now downsized to only having two other watches, a Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military, and an old classic style Casio G-Shock. In the last few years, I’ve worn each of those watches twice, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of either. Also, you might have noticed, the boyscout in me means I’ve probably always got a Prometheus Design Werx  Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit on my wrist. Also, I like Zulu bands. The standard band on the Steinhart is from Nato Strap Co, and the two piece Zulu on the Apple Watch is from Clockwork Synergy.


I bought my first Wilderness Tactical belt probably about 15 years ago, and since then, while I’ve tried a few other brands here and there, I’ve been wearing a Wilderness belt most of the time. About a year ago, US PALM did a collaboration with them, and the result was the Wilderness Tactical US PALM EDCCB, which is a super stiff variant of their Frequent Flyer Belt, with a modified money belt zippered compartment in the inside. This has probably been my favorite daily use belt I’ve ever used, and will probably continue wearing this for many more years.


Pretty straightforward, keys to the cars, various houses, and a few other things, as well as a small carabiner from MilSpec Monkey, a small pry tool by a guy named Peter Atwood, a pair of the best tweezers ever (a habit I picked up after machining fiberglass) and a tiny little AAA powered SureFire Titan. My Toyota Tacoma keyfob has been upgraded with a durable custom replacement shell that’s made by a small shop known as AJT Designs. Also, it just looks pretty cool. My Volkswagen Golf Key is unattached, I found it was hitting my knees when I had keys hanging from the ignition.


I’ve been wearing Oakleys for 25 years now. Wow, never realized that. It started with my first job when I was 15 working at a local bike shop, and I haven’t really owned anything else since then. After receiving a pair from a friend, I’ve become quite addicted to the PRIZM lenses, and have a few different pairs like Square Wires or Crosshairs.


After wearing out numerous wallets made of both natural and synthetic materials, including one made of duct tape, and another custom made by an artisan friend of industrial grade packing tape and vellum, I learned that ITS Tactical was going to release a wallet made entirely of Hypalon. Ordered one on launch day, and I’ve been using it ever since. Now almost 3 years later, and with the exception of some discoloration and character, it’s still holding up perfectly fine. Couldn’t be a bigger fan of this thing.

Other Items

I’ve had a PDW Dog Tag Tool since, well, since they started selling them. One of the handiest little things I’ve ever owned. Used to have a whole collection of them, but found I was only really using the first one I bought. I've also got a Steel Flame Titanium Tag with the PDW All Terrain pattern laser engraved. It doesn't do anything, but it's sure pretty to look at.

It’s pretty likely that you’d find a pen or two on me as well. This simple little aluminum pen came from a Kickstarter I backed a couple years back, made by a talented designer named Ian Schon of Schon DSGN. The other pen-shaped thing is a MultiTasker Twist. If you don’t know what that is yet, go look right now, you’re going to want one in a minute. I use mine constantly. Finally, I usually have a this small generic titanium money clip with a few bills and couple of my business cards.

So this represents what’s left. While it’s changed a lot over the years, and it’s bound to change again, at the moment, these are the things I use every day.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it’s been useful.